Small confession as I am overdue on
this blog post today in relation to
my P2S journey so far as I had
intended to post at the end of the
second week! However I thought it
much better to wait that extra day
as phase one is now in the bag!

So the journey ends with a fully
operation blog, an opt in form
built in giving away a fantastic
report that was written by the
expert internet marketer John
Thornhill himself. I have even
produced a squeeze page that
automatically follows up on
subscribers over an 8 day period,
some very nice affiliative offers
as well on the blog and an overall
feeling of pride, plus some more.

Pride in the sense that I have
achieved this in such a short space
of time and here are some of the
home truths about that! As I have
said previously I have been here
before (won’t go into details
again, because basically I stopped
in my tracks) and in-fact this is
the very stage I got too last time;
the time to build a product of my
own, in a my very own niche.

Well you see, this is the great
thing about this training, you have
access to it whenever you want, if
you fall behind you can catch up
later as I am doing. As I have
already said, I am doing this
slightly different as an existing
member, as I am fast-tracking
through. There is the option of the
ambassador ad-on, but rest assured
the normal route for anyone joining
P2S is truly awesome and the
content is the same and the support
is really second to none.

So today has seen me researching my
niche and mind mapping my product
which has been really exciting, as
I can really see things developing

Well that’s it for today as I need
to go and rest, ready for tomorrow
when I will start to put some
content on the product page!

    6 replies to "Well that went quick!"

    • David Shoup

      It is good to see that you are taking action and making progress. I had a call with Randy this morning to brainstorm my product. Keep it up.

      • christopherpaul

        Hi David,

        Really good to connect and appreciate your comment buddy.

        Yeah it’s a really quick 2 weeks and just requested the call back.

        Keep in touch.


    • Lonnie Wall

      Good overview of the first couple of weeks and how much you accomplish in that time.

      • christopherpaul

        Hi Lonnie, Yeah it’s amazing how much can be achieved in this time, appreciate your comment 🙂

    • Helen Kaye

      Nice catch up on your journey so far, good to see you’ve made up your mind to grab this opportunity and get stuck in! Onwards and upwards Christopher, I look forward to seeing what you blog about next! All the best

      • christopherpaul

        Hi Helen, thanks very much and I will also look forward to catching a read of your next new post.

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