Wow what a week! The last seven
days have been crazy on P2S.

I now have this very cool looking
blog; might have to work on my blog
writing skills, but hopefully
you’ll get value from what I am
writing 🙂

So there are loads of things in the
back ground going into this,
however the course breaks it down
into manageable steps that make
things easy. Yeah it’s a WordPress
blog, however the theme I am using
makes all the things in the backend
so much easier to work on.

So I am fully hosted online, with a
domain, graphics that represent the
brand, I have an option for you to
subscribe to the blog, Data
protection compliant and so much
more going on. All in a week!

I cannot wait to get the next post
done, as I will have moved on and
done so much more!


PS, if like what I am doing and
fancy finding out more just check
out Partnership to success

PPS, Maybe you have done stuff with
John before and just need a helping
hand then check out his Ambassador program

    2 replies to "Week 1"

    • David Monroe

      Great Post Christopher! You’re well on your way to making the big bucks and living the laptop lifestyle, not my coin. IAs a commercial real estate broker and multifamily investor,

      I have also been building my online business for additional streams of income so I can also live that laptop lifestyle!

    • christopherpaul

      Hey David, Yes the laptop lifestyle in the sun is the goal 🙂 Thanks for checking in and your comment, wishing you all the very best in your journey my friend.

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