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Right now, as I write this blog, the first one this year (I think); I am struggling what the title should be! At the time of writing it’s “I got it wrong”; why, because I certainly did, however there is more emotions going on, such as “sorry”, “I f@@ked up”, “I did it again”, “How can I create something without consistency” and so much more. Yeah there is also fear and anxiety as I have been away for the last 3 months and I could give you some pretty impressive excuses, ha. I won’t because I am not doing excuse anymore in relation to marketing online.

You see, I am sorry that I haven’t kept up with the group at P2S and done what I set out to do. I have over the last 10 years been part of this group, upgraded twice and still not produced a product to market. Most recently I worked through all the training to the point where I created the first draft of a written product. The feedback came back as I expected, what I produced was not good enough! There was nothing wrong with what I produced per say, however the content was nothing new really and the reason was the “niche”!

You see I picked a niche (traffic), because it’s area where there is benefit, need and certainly demand. To truly break that niche, in my opinion you need to have something unique to offer and the real truth of this is I do not and nor do I have the desire or leverage to do the work, the research and become that expert and leader.

So my plan going forward is to start again. A niche which I have a desire to develop, something I am good at, something that I have history in and something I have used in most areas of my life and now I want to take this forward into marketing!
I know I am not alone in struggling to get the online marketing thing going and I am confident I have the strategies, plans and tools that I can transfer from other things I have done previously and with some input from successful online friends to get the “marketing mindset” sorted, so without labouring this here.

My new niche will be self development and in particular mindset, the place where we go when we get things done, so watch this space!

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    • Riaan


      I’ve been thinking about something similar. I spend a lot of time working on myself, and growth is one of the big themes for my year so far.

      I’m also wondering if I shouldn’t just do a product more focused on that.

      • christopherpaul

        Hi Riaan,

        Thanks for the comment buddy.

        You know what, I certainly have spent years and lots of money investing in myself and it continues now as I will continue to do until I am no longer able.

        If you cannot get passionate about “yourself” in the first instance (I will leave this there)! That is the time to lean on someone, invest in yourself (this is not just money investment) and get the ball rolling.

        Now the thing that really gets me “buzzing” is helping others achieve things; you know really making transformational change to their lives. I have seen and demonstrated this in over a decade of teaching in further education and other professions and absolutely love it. Therefore this is why this route (other factors which I will cover) is for me.

        In relation to YOU Riaan, why not? If you can help others I encourage that and if you are helping yourself, then I certainly applaud that!



    • Riaan Cornelius

      This quote sums it up perfectly for me:
      “Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.”
      ― Jim Rohn, The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life: Before 8AM

      • christopherpaul

        Hi Riaan,

        Yes and as Tony Robbins says “energy flows where attention goes”!



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