I just had a thought to write a blog about “Thoughts” as it’s appears to be a hot topic for me today. There are a few reasons for this today to be honest, but I will start with where I am at right now.

For no real apparent reason, I am stressed; not the kind of stressed state that see’s me worrying over anything, but I am stressed enough to be grumpy. The dog starts barking, as does the parrot and you know what, I get all grumpy and give it the big shout! Now I am going to be totally honest, I don’t really have any reason to be stressed at all, I am starting 2 weeks holidays and that in itself is cause to not be stressed. HOWEVER, as I am analysing my state of stress, I can only think it’s because I wanted to get a blog post done tonight, OK last night, but it didn’t happen and here we are!

Earlier on as I was out walking the dog and I was listening to Byron Katie on my phone and she talked a lot about thoughts, now this particular topic isn’t knew to me and I know the answer and what to do (sound familiar), but I was still allowing stress to alter my state and allow myself to feel stressed. So, I pose the question, is stress just a thoughts or series of thoughts?

My belief is it; I would not disagree that stress can manifest itself physically, it does and I know this as fact because I have that T-shirt. However, allowing the thoughts to do the damage in the first instance is the trick here in my opinion, stop the thoughts and replace them with different thoughts can create a different state altogether surely? Now we all experience our thoughts taking over whenever we are met by people or situations, we imagine all kinds of stuff. If someone appears to ignore you, your mind racers to all sorts of conclusions and they tend to be negative, yeah? What if that person was in a state where you just weren’t there, however our mind will give us thoughts to make it all about us, when in fact I may well have no bearing on us at all. Ever been in a great mood and it only took one word from someone to change it or better still you say sometime in all innocents and boom, you have really upset someone with your comment. Oh yes, we also have perception that creates all kinds of thoughts here!

Now what I am not talking about here is just positive thinking! I am not saying that if I dress up in dark clothing, stand in a busy road at night where you cannot be seen and think positive thoughts a car or something bigger won’t wipe you out. The truth is, you would be wiped out and positive thoughts are not what I am trying get.

Emotion is what I am speaking about here, thoughts that creates positive emotion as opposed to negative. Basically, it’s turning the negative thoughts that create the stress completely around to create emotion that will give you energy and you know what it works, your reading this in practise. I have changed my very state, by applying a turnaround in my thoughts to create the energy and drive to write this blog and to be honest the words are coming easily and I am enjoying the process (10 minutes ago it was causing me stress, well my thoughts were).

Going forward, if you really want to get a handle on your state, then get a handle on your thoughts because “thoughts aren’t facts” and the exciting part of this is you can easily learn this skill. I would certainly recommend meditation, as this is a brilliant way of learning how to control your thoughts and also Byron Katie as there is some powerful reading or audio from her.

I would love to hear YOUR THOUGHTS on this?


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