Hi and a very warm welcome to my
blog 🙂

My name is Paul and I would like to
introduce you to
Christopherpaulonline.com – So
what’s in a name? Well my first
name is Paul and my middle name is
Christopher and I just like the
sound of Christopher Paul! Simple
as that really 🙂

So, what I am all about? What is
the blog all about? What is the
overall objective?

I am 46 year male from Durham in
the UK, married with four kids. I
left school in 1990 with little to
no qualifications and started
working at a bakery and this is
where I learned the meaning of
graft which has stuck with me to
this date.

I then joined the military where I
spent 4 years learning discipline
and grew a passion for learning and
the knowledge I was not exactly as
thick as I thought and maybe school
was not for me at the time!

I then moved into construction
spending 4 years running a team
working all over the UK, honing my
management and leadership skills
and making decent money!

This is where my entrepreneur need
really started to develop, spending
10 years working through offline
self employment which gave me some
great success and some learning
curves. During this time I set
about going back to school so to
speak and gaining lots of
qualifications such as a Degree and
PGCE which qualified me as a
teacher. This followed a crossover
of teaching and self employment
which gave me ten years of
lecturing experience, such as
teaching on the Peter Jones
enterprise academy. I loved
working for myself and I love
helping people which is exactly
what I do when teaching (definitely
different from my own early
experiences ha). Oh yeah I was
making decent money too.

Then there was the itch that needed
scratching, financially I was in a
position to do this and so I went
for it and over the last few year I
have been a Cop in the UK. So that
is me up to date in a brief way,
there are a few details in the
gaps, but hopefully you get the
picture of me.

So what is the blog all about?
Well you see, over the last 20
years I have followed, spent
fortunes and dabbled into the whole
idea that is internet marketing!
The biggest issue I have had is
success! Yes success, my life off
line has been successful,
everything I wanted to achieve I
have done, make money, do my
education, get the jobs I always
wanted to do and so much more.
Therefore I have never been able to
create the leverage to really make
a success of online marketing
because I simply never needed to!
So the purpose of this blog is to
create the leverage and document
how I have done as I have said
before I have a passion to help, so
hopefully YOU may get something
from this 🙂 I will document more
on this in the blog as the money
and years looking into internet
marketing are important.

The objective is simple, success
online! So what does that mean to
me? Not going lie here, there a
need to have a financial element to
this, enough money to support my
retirement (working online), BUT
the real success comes with the
emotion that you get from helping
people; watch THIS SPACE!

Christopherpaul 🙂